Friday, December 31, 2010

Laura Kirkpatrick

Oh, my gosh I just love her so much. 
I mean, just look at her picture

I know right. Well this is from ANTM cycle 13 and I know I'm a bit late because I don't really like ANTM until last week. But she's just, wow. I've watched ANTM cycle 10 like 3 years ago, and I wasn't really interested. But this one is EPIC B-| 

She's like the most perfect girl ever. She's not bitchy (definitely), she's sweet, she's strong, she's nice, she's happy and she's fucking beautiful. She has "that" country accent and she may look a bit naive. But she's just amazing, and perfect like in a good way. She's just like the girl everybody loves <3

I'm so glad 2010 is almost over

2010 has really been a tough year for me
I'm so glad it's almost over :D
But I'm sure 2011 is gonna be a blast ;)

So, Auf Wiedersehen,
Au Revoir,
Tot ziens,
Hasta la vista,
fuckin 2010

I know I'll be seing years like you again. But I got my eyes on you B-|

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hair does lighten

When I was little I have this curly raven black hair, and it became straight (well a bit curly and wavy) when I was 5.

And like 3 or 4 years ago, I started to think that my hair has lighter color on the tips and highlight. I thought it was just me.

Now that red color is much more than it was. I looked up and there was scientific explanation behind that. Hair does lighten, folks o_O

And you know what dudes? I actually freaked out. But I think it's okay now thanks to the internet B-| [mindfuck face].

Besides, my mother and her family has red hair, don't need to worry about it B-)

Diane Heidkr├╝ger

The beautiful lady from Inglorious Bastards