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5. Pronouns, preposition, and other descriptive

"In linguistics and grammar, a pronoun (Lat: pronomen) is a pro-form that substitutes for a noun (or noun phrase), such as, in English, the words it (substituting for the name of a certain object) and he (substituting for the name of a person). The replaced noun is called the antecedent of the pronoun."
from wikipedia

Here is a list of some pronouns:
Je: I
Tu: You (familiar/informal)
Vous: You (polite/formal)
Nous: We
Il: He
Elle: She

Sa: Her (as in possessive)
Son: His
Ses: Their

Ma: My (feminine object)
Mon: My (masculine object)
Mes: My (plural object)

Ta: Your (feminine object)
Ton: Your (masculine object)
Tes: Your (plural object)

Notre: Our (singular object)
Nos: Our (plural object)

"Prepositions (or more generally, adpositions, see below) are a grammatically distinct class of words whose most central members characteristically express spatial relations (such as English in,under, toward) or serve to mark various syntactic functions and semantic roles (such as English of, for).[1] In that the primary function is relational, a preposition typically combines with another constituent (called its complement) to form a prepositional phrase, relating the complement to the context in which the phrase occurs."
from wikipedia

Some examples of prepositions:
above, on top of: au-dessus de
ahead, in front of: devant
behind: derrière
backwards: en arrière
between: entre
among: parmi
forward: en avant
beside, next to: à côté de
next: prochain
nearest: le plus proche
of: de
for: pour
on: sur
in: dans, or sometimes à
out: en dehors
on the left: à gauche
on the right: à droite
opposite, facing: en face de

Other descriptives
Some other descriptive words
a: un/une
a little bit: un petit peu
about: à propos de
all, everything: tout/toute (PL: tous/toutes)
also, too: aussi
because: parce que
far: loin
here: ici
if: si
no one, nobody: personne
none, not any: aucun
nothing: rien
other, another: autre
some, any: qulque
someone, somebody: quelqu'un
something, anything: quelque chose
together: ensemble

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