Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taylor Momsen is a Bad Bad Girl(?)

Do you know that IMG trade Taylor Momsen for Dakota Fanning? BURN. Well, here it is. Some people said it's because she became a 'bad girl' or 'not a good example for kids' since The Pretty Reckless but I gotta say it's bullshit. Taylor is not really bad (except for the fact she flashed her boobs that was- well I'm speechless). I mean, not all people has to be bubbly, and sweet, and nice. It should be fine to be a little 'bad'. And what kind of kids would idolize her at first place? She's not a disney star, yes she was on Gossip Girl. But at least people who watch Gossip Girl are around thirteen so they're not really 'kids'. I think she was out of IMG because she's not that tall, for a model. IMG standard height is 175 cm for adult models (16-years-old and above) and she's 173cm [sorry for the cm! I'm kinda lost in feets]. For teen models (14-15 years-old) it's around 165 cm I think. Also, maybe it's because she's more focused on her band than modelling right now. I mean, she was fourteen, who wouldn't want to be a model at fourteen?

I've always been a Taylor fan since Gossip Girl (infact I knew her way before The Pretty Reckless because of Gossip Girl). And I like her even more since The Pretty Reckless. I like her songs, and the best thing is- she's a musician, not a singer. It's refreshing to see these kind of bands aside from those disney singers and shit. Though her first song may be a rookie mistake. Well the song is pretty great, but the lyrics, and the song-everything is very amateur. It's good, but it's very ameteur. And it seems like a song that a ten years old who just listened to his father's old cds. Her style too- oh my god looking back a year/couple years ago, she is so different from now. I mean just look at her styles back then.

She looked like a rockstar wannabe- still a bubbly girl but nuh-uh. And what' with the hairstyle- speechless.

But now, she's like done with the awkward stage and found herself. Her styles- her songs, her covers. I like her demo songs it's her, and it's real. The songs in Light Me up are just too commercial (except for a few), it's like she didn't do that for herself, but what she was asked to do (really Taylor? :( you're gonna be a sell out too?). What I know is she rocks in doing covers I think it's better than the original. Well she was just like a pro there, better than before. And her style now,



Awesome - it's like she just broke out of her shell and not so awkward as before.

But I hope she won't go further from this

(CREEPY!). She really could be a 'devil's advocate' ._. I hope she'd focus on writing songs than flashing her boobs. I mean COME ON. Light Me up (album) was a fail, you should learn from there Taylor.

Those are pretty much what I think of Taylor, now.

Anway, fun facts of Taylor: do you realize that Taylor looks like Hanna Marin from Pretty Little Liars?

I know right? Oh and another thing, Taylor's an arsonist (okay maybe this part is not really fun)

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