Friday, May 27, 2011

Circa 70s

Music Playlist at

Just want to post some of my favorite bands from the 70s

well except Wolfmother

Sadgasm: Genius

Sadgasm - Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle

Right? Right?

In case you haven't noticed, Homer is Kurt, Lenny is Krist, I don't know who Carl is, but I think Dave is the other guitar dude which I also don't know

I follow the simpsons since I was little, and I think this is not the original song of this video. I forgot, but if I recall, it should be this one

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To All Men In This World

Why. Greek. God.

What about Zeus

The Rocky

I've heard of this soundtrack since like ever and I just knew few months ago it's from The Rocky. And then I thought The Rocky was somekind of kid's cartoon series. But now I think The Rocky is pretty cool

Monday, May 9, 2011

Drunk French Guy

 Remember when I told you I was a party virgin and I got invited to a friend's birthday party? Well I'm not that 'pure' anymore. haha.

So my father and I got invited by a friend of his to this fancy dinner party thingy. You know like one of those ballroom party or stuff. The dinner was meant to host an event to welcome a former football player...
Nah, you don't wanna hear those stuff. I don't need to bore you.

Let's skip to a part where we went to the after party to bar near that place. It's not like one of those empty pub with very dim light. Well the lights are dim, but there are lots of it. It's so crowded I kinda felt like it was a club, but bar-shaped. You know what I mean.

Of course, I can' t get in there by my own. I was with my dad so I got in. You know because I'm still in school. Actually there was a long line (see I told ya it's like a club) so it actually was my father's friend (kind of like my uncle) that got us in.

I wasn't with my dad all the time. So then when it got pretty late, or got started. A drunk french guy approached me talking to me with his french accent. I don't know was it his accent or because he's too drunk he's a wacko but everytime he talked I had to say "I'm sorry?" and had him repeat what he said. It was the first time someone I completely don't know hit on me on a bar. So I was really new to this and I didn't know how to make him go away. So before anything when he said "Can I buy you a drink?" here comes the punch line
"You know I'm fourteen, right?"

Awkward~ (well, for him)

I'm pretty sure his friends made fun of him the next day. It was pretty awesome, and funny hahaha

Marky Mark

I remember Mark Wahlberg as a complete douche bag (at least he looked like one) in The Other Guys and The Departed

And became really hot in The Fighter, I mean just look at that body and tight abs, and the image of a Micky Ward

But I didn't know this!

I mean who'd knew he was that hot

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Turkish Grand Prix

Just watched turkish grand prix with my dad tonight. It was great, but not that great. Don't get it wrong, the race was cool but there was another show in that sports bar. You see, in my country football is the most favored sport. And tonight there was a football game between Manchester United and Chelsea. So we couldn't hear anything from the race because of the crowd cheering for football. That's one, and I thought the race starts at eight, but turns out it started at seven so we watched it kinda late.

The coolest part was when Webber over took Alonso. My dad is a big fan of Ferrari especially in Michael Schumacher's era. And I, am a big fan of Red Bull. So it was pretty cool for the both of us. Good job Webber, sweet overtake

Vettel now has 93 points in the world championship from Hamilton on 59, as Webber jumps ahead of Button with 55 to 46. Alonso is fifth with 41. In the constructors’ stakes, Red Bull have 148 to McLaren’s 105 and Ferrari’s 65, with Renault on 42 and Mercedes 2 (source)

Oh come on vettel you're making this easy. On the other hand, I'm so proud of you~

You know it's pretty funny that Webber got 5th in Australia, 4th in Malaysia, 3rd in China, and 2nd in Turkey. Hopefully he'll get first in Spain (sorry, Vettel)

I only talked about Red Bull, here is the full article