Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Shower

It's one week holiday on my school, okay? You know, every middle school are on holidays because the 9th graders are having some kind of national- test. Anyway, the point is the we're off school for a week.

I've been taking some time with my father since Monday, amid the fact that I've been living with my Mother since past years (because of their divorce). And all the busy-ness just put me in a situation where I don't have time to take a shower.

It all started on a lazy monday morning. I did not want to take a shower; I was having headaches and it was the first day of the holiday so I was lazy and stuff. But around 2pm my father decided to pick me up which I did not have time to take a shower. We ate lunch (we: me, my father, and his girlfriend), hell it was pretty late for a lunch. Afterwards, we went to her apartment and I stayed there for the night. Of course my father, who drove us there (her apartment) stayed there for quite some time THEN go home. So it was too late for me to take a shower and I was really tired (my dad got home around 10 actually but I was too tired for a shower) so I just went to sleep.

On the second day, my father picked us up at her apartment early morning (around eight). I just woke up and then again no shower~  So we hurried up to my place first, (my father's place really) to pick another of his co-workers (well his work-posse really) to well the suburb of this town where it's a place for industries. Oh, I haven't told you that he asked her to come for like- work purposes and I had to come too to help him for some work (it was actually a pleasure). After the work we went to a dinner somewhere around the suburb so I couldn't take a shower. Then I got home late around 10 AND AT LAST I TOOK A SHOWER!

So that's the story of how I haven't took a shower in two days, B-) whaddup

Oh, and anyway, her is not a bitch. I won't say she's cool, but she's pretty nice.

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