Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gum Bleeding

So, I got a little bit accident with my gum. Okay, so I was in this alleyway, everything was dark and still. Then I heard some voices and believe me it was the scariest thing. And there were rapists. I was able to escape but somehow one of them hitted my mouth with his elbow, and my gum bled. And that's the story of how I got my gum injured until now.

Haha, of course not.

But it did bled, like in one of those fights when you got punched in the mouth. I was just brushing my tooth and somehow it lost my grip and accidentally poked my gum, really hard. It didn't hurt at first, just bleeding. Keep bleeding, and bleeding, and bleeding. Then the next day, the blood dried up. It left some kind of scratch or wound at the gum (haha well not wound). And it really hurts. The worst part is it gets worse the next day. So I guess I'm bringing this pain into my grave -_-

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