Monday, October 31, 2011

3. Adjectives

I will give you lists of adjective examples, but first thing first, these are the rules you have to remember concerning adjectives

1. Adjective's gender (masculine/feminine) and number (singular/plural) agrees with the noun
Adjective: intelligent (clever)

Un garçon intelligent (A clever boy)

Les garçons intelligents (Clever boys)

Un fille intelligente (A clever girl)

Les filles intelligentes (Clever girls)

To learn further about this, check the agreement of french adjectives. Of course, there are also some irregular forms of the agreement

2. Unlike English, in which the adjective is placed before the noun, French adjectives are placed after the noun

un oiseau blanc (a white bird)
un livre utile (a helpful book)
une vache lente (a slow cow)
la peau douce (soft skin)

3. Exception of the number 2, there are some adjectives placed before the noun, which are:
Adjectives which describe of the following,
Good or Bad

*except for grand (big)

Some adjectives that are supposed to be placed after the noun for the literal meaning, could mean differently when placed before the noun. For further explanation about this, look here

Those are the rules. Now, let's get down to business. I will give you a list of adjectives:
affectueux: affectionate
seul: alone
en colère: angry
magnifique: beautiful
ennuyeux: boring
commun: common, joint
chacun: each
égal: equal
chaque: every
drôle: funny, weird
amusant: entertaining
beau: handsome
difficile: hard, difficult
interessant: interesting
gentil: kind
paresseux: lazy
seulement: only
uni: plain
puissant: powerful
joli: pretty
fier: fire
rare: rare
malade: sick, ill
petit: small
grand: big
étrange: strange
suffisant: sufficient
fatigué: tired
inutile: useless
utile: useful, helpful
très: very
bien: well
merveilleux: wonderful
jeune: young
vieil: old
athlétique: athletic
cassé: broken
chauve: bald
maladroit: clumsy
fou: crazy
frisé: curly
actuel: current
enchanté: delighted
assez: enough
célèbre:fa mous
plat: flat
bon: good
mauvaise: bad
génial: great
heureux: happy
triste: sad
intelligent: clever
merveilleux: marvelous
nerveux: nervous
agréable: pleasent
poli: polite
possible: possible
véritable: real
serieux: serious
lisse: smooth
mince: thin
doux: soft
raide: straight (hair)
vrai: true
sauvage: wild

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