Monday, October 17, 2011

Survival French: A quick lesson of French

Before I say anything, I merely do these 10 posts of french lessons for a school assignment of my computer class (IT class? Idk what it's really called). You see, we have to make this blog and post 10 posts. But since I already have a blog, so- This theme "Quick Lesson of French" just occured in my mind when I was learning it. I admit that I am a very amateur in French and only understand the scrapes of it. So if you think you know better, please correct me- and forgive me.

If you'd see some phrases, or writings that look or seemed familiar like the ones you see from books/internets well maybe I got some from them. Maybe the ones you saw are the ones I learn my French from. But know that I don't like completely rip it off from those things, but I changed it a little bit and mix it up.

Oh another thing, as I have said, I'm an amateur in French, but I'm interested to learn this language. I really love this language and to be able to speak it like I speak English would be a blast. So if I make mistakes, please correct me. You'd think that why would an amateur in French give a quick lesson in French? Well it is for my assignment and I just love this language and I prefer to make this thing as an assignment, and I thought I'd just share what I know.

So anyway, I have to make like 10 posts, yeah? And this should be count as one, so I only need 9 other posts that I would make as chapters. So I've summarized it to 9 chapters:

6.       Polite Conversation
7.       Common French Phrases
8.       Insults
9.       Daphnee – Daphnee’s phrases

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