Thursday, February 17, 2011

About Virginity

I just read an article about free sex earlier. It's on a local magazine from my hometown (not gonna tell you where it is :p). The whole magazine was about virginity and pregnancy -_- and about girls from my country into free sex because the guys always make them too. I was like =_=" reading this month issue because I'm actually still in middle school and just as any other middle schooler that kind of issue make me "uggrh. gross"

Well in my case, if I was to do sex it won't be because a guy would make me to, but because I want to. But when I do I'd know that I'm not taken advantage of and it'd be emotional, magical, romantic. I'm not going to say much because I'm still at middle school and I 'don't know much' yeah, I get it.

People on my country are sexist (the guys) and I've been through some sexual harrasment, NOT LIKE A RAPE OR SOME KIND PEOPLE. Not even something that can be considered to offend the law. Women are mostly underestimated here. Not in the big cities, but in other cities and the rural areas, I think people still hold to the statement that men are superior.

Anyway I'm not here for the 'sexism' matter so I'm gonna continue with the "stuff" on the magazine I told you. There are stories shared from some people's experiences who all regret doing it in high school. Boy they are dumb. And an ugly fag who've always been single (not even asked out) bitching about how girls now are sluts. There are also some celebrity quotes about 'pride' and virginity.

Some people that I know (those are now in college/high school or working) had lose virginity and I think that's a common thing. Considering my country is the place where the older people really object premarital sex. But I think it's fine, at least not something to be concerned of (as they don't get knocked-up and get abortions afterwards)

But it's a different matter for me, I want to be a virgin... until I'm out of my twenties or married.

Don't act like you don't know her. Yes, it's that world-sexy Brazilian model.

She did. She inspired me to be a virgin until I grow up.

I don't know- I just think it'd be a bit sexy you know. And if I can survive waiting then it'd make me look 'classy?' I don't know. A bit exotic (good for me I'm from an exotic country so it doesn't look like a loser, or is it?), and yet challenging. 

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