Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finally Having A Life

Just got invited to a cool friend's birthday party

To tell you the truth, this is the first time I ever got invited to a party like these. I was so excited and I feel like a loser being excited -_- anyway there are people like me too which are my friends, and I shouldn't know many people there because the birthday girl is not from my school. She's my friend of my jazz dance class.

I haven't go out that much these days; I cut school all the time these past few weeks so I have to convince my parents that I'm gonna be productive, I'm gonna study and score all of my tests until the end of year.

So this is finally having what a real life is like

I was so relieved when my other friends from jazz dance are attending this party so I don't feel so awkward. But still, I feel like too what's the word... obnoxious? Well I don't know, that kind of thing. Anyway I even gonna buy a new dress this afternoon and her present too of course. And I really want to get my hair done before the party. This is my first- and I feel so excited. It's so uncool and it's so not me. So let's just keep it a secret, ok? ;)

I'm going to show you later before I go to the party and what kind of dress I bought, but for now,
Hasta la vista B-|

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